In our think tank new concepts and models emerge, which are conclusive and effective for decades. This includes numerous learning innovations, which have been created at isb and which we pass on to our participants.
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We are convinced that learning continues as a process even after training. This is why it is also part of our self-understanding to act as a network organization, which, with many actors, maintains different levels of participation and cooperation.
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The central pillar of the isb is the offer of further education as an academy and professionalization institute. Our offers consist of curricula and seminars, in-house curricula as well as the program of the isb ProfessionalGroup.
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We keep our fingers on the pulse of time

The isb was and is a place and incubator for developing modern, contemporary topics, models and formats. We are monitoring the developments in the training market and the training industry, have a feeling for "topics that fly" and are looking to the horizon with the projects at isb, on upcoming questions and future-oriented topics. However, we are also working on successful and good practices to provide a forum and a platform for further joint learning and further development.

Current projects include:

How can fluid organizational forms be developed for the network of systemic consultants, also within the isb network?

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How can successful good practice projects in the isb network be shared as a stimulus for joint learning and further development? Where are example projects with isb know-how and didactics, which are exemplary for a successful implementation?

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A development focus at isb.

A new force for joint development and positioning in the field of systemic company development and company management in complex times.

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Learning Innovations

Our work is characterized by a feeling for contemporary and effective topics. This is the basis for our self-image as a think tank. We develop a network of teachers and lecturers, with participants and alumni, with colleagues and partners in the field. That's why we organize dialog and network events on a regular basis.

We train professionals of very different disciplines and professional backgrounds to cope with the challenges in their organizations. However, learning does not end at the door of the seminar room, on the contrary. The successful multiplication of the content into the working environment of the participants is a challenge for us. We dedicate ourselves to this in numerous learning innovations. We are guided by the objective that professionals can implement and apply the models and procedures as "simply" and practically as possible.

With its developments, isb is pursuing a clear open source strategy. Participants, alumni and interested individuals will find a variety of our concepts and methods as well as content for free disposal on our website and the isb campus.