In our think tank new concepts and models emerge, which are conclusive and effective for decades. This includes numerous learning innovations, which have been created at isb and which we pass on to our participants.
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We are convinced that learning continues as a process even after training. This is why it is also part of our self-understanding to act as a network organization, which, with many actors, maintains different levels of participation and cooperation.
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The central pillar of the isb is the offer of further education as an academy and professionalization institute. Our offers consist of curricula and seminars, in-house curricula as well as the program of the isb ProfessionalGroup.
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Curricula –
Your comprehensive training path at isb

The isb has designed its further education in the form of curricula on various topics of the professional and organizational world. In all curricula, professional work and control is viewed from a systemic perspective. The aim is to further qualify the participants in the creative handling of professional roles. They develop their professional identity and personal integrity. In terms of organizations, they develop understanding of the inner life and logic of systems and acquire craft tools for the development and management of organizational processes.

The entire continuing education program is designed for two years of learning within the group: the second year's advanced curriculum builds on the basic curriculum of the first year. It is also possible to complete only the basic curriculum or connect the advanced curriculum in a timed manner. Both curriculum levels are completed with a certificate. At the end of the second year, qualification certificates can be acquired. The master program is used for the further intensive connection to the isb.

In addition to the curricula listed below, we also offer inhouse and short curricula.

The basic curricula of isb provide basic knowledge and methods of the systemic approach. Personal professional development is also of great importance. The exchange with the teacher and the other learners supports the reflection of the learned content and personal progress. The curricula consist of six three-day blocks. This allows sufficient time for personal growth both for the individual and the group.

  • Systemic Consulting and Management in Organizations I
    The participants develop systemic professionalism for various consulting, management and control roles in the organization. - the "generalist education" at isb. Learn more (in German)...
  • Systemic Organizational Development and Change Management I
    Changes are only useful if they arrive at all levels of the organization. The participants are working on the effectiveness of change and their sustainable implementation. Learn more (in German)...
  • Systemic Coaching and Team Development I
    The coaching perspective helps to reconcile professional requirements with personal life-styles The curriculum teaches methods and perspectives of systemic coaching. Learn more (in German)...
  • Systemic Consulting for Young Professionals I
    The curriculum is a comprehensive qualification in systemic counseling competence and self-control. Special challenges of the YPs are also considered. Learn more (in German)...
  • Strategic Human Resources & Learning Culture Development
    Strategic HR & Corporate Learning Expert: isb concepts for corporate learning and the integration of HR and organizational development. Learn more (in German)

CERTIFICATES: The participation in a curriculum of the first year is certified by a basic certificate.
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The advanced curricula build on the content of the basic curricula. The participants increase their professional competence and deepen their knowledge as well as their personal experiences with regard to the subject of the chosen curriculum. These curricula also consist of six three-day building blocks, which take place within one year.

  • Systemic Consulting and Management in Organizations II
    In the advanced curriculum, the focus of the systematic focus is on systemic consulting. Learn more (in German)...
  • Systemic Coaching and Team Development II
    In the continuation of the basic curriculum methodological hand tools and procedures are intensified, in particular the perspective of the integration of developments in different living environments. Learn more (in German)...
  • Systemic Consulting for Young Professionals II
    Systemic Competence in Organizations: In this advanced curriculum, the focus is on systemic concepts and systemic work. Learn more (in German)...
  • Systemic Organizational Development and Change Management II
    Topics and perspectives, which have been dealt with in the basic curriculum, will be deepened and new topics will be added, supplemented by current developments in OD. Learn more (in German)...
  • Systemic Organizational Development & Change compact
    Specialization curriculum at isb for professionals who already completed a first year of systemic further education at another institute. Topics here are new developments in organizational development, cultural development, leadership, OD learning & organization coaching. Learn more (in German)...

CERTIFICATES: The participation in a curriculum of the second year is certified by an advanced certificate.
» Find more information about certificates on our German website...

For your personal advancement, we recommend a participation in a self-awareness seminar in addition to the curricula.
For some certifications, participation is required. For better planning and securing a place of your choice, you have the option of booking the self-awareness directly together with the curriculum.

Learn more (in German)...

Following two years of training at isb and in addition to the advanced certificate, you have the option to pursue a Qualified Certificate. The Qualified Certificates go beyond participation certificates and document your professional development. The requirements differ depending on the desired Qualified Certificate.

  • Learn more on the Certificates Systemic Consultant, Systemic Coach and Systemic Organizational Developer (in German).

The MasterProgram is aimed at graduates of at least two years of further education at the isb, who want to refine their profile with regard to systemic professionalism and deal with the content as well as the learning and professions culture of isb. The program includes the isb master certificate, the membership in the MasterGroup and the participation in an annual master meeting. Registration is only possible after a personal consultation with us.

» Details about the isb MasterProgram (in German).

The short curricula of isb are dedicated to a specific topic. They are generally aligned to four building blocks of three days each.
As in the case of comprehensive curricula, the participants are qualified to discuss current topics of the organizational world and their professional roles in front of a systemic background. They work in different didactic formats and the isb-typical learning culture on the content as well as their individual development. In contrast to the curricula with six building blocks, the topics are somewhat narrower. The focus and the cutting of the topics fosters the discussion and learning with the focus of the short curriculum and supports the appropriate exchange of the participants.

  • ExecutiveCircle
    The ExecutiveCircle is a special format for entrepreneurs, executives and top executives. The focus is on your business and strategy issues. Learn more (in German)...
  • MasterProgram at isb
    The program is aimed at alumni of at least 2-year continuing education at isb, which will sharpen their profile and deal with the content and culture of isb. Learn more (in German)...

In the case of organization-specific development programs, which require a special design and involve a number of employees, we can offer an in-house curriculum designed specifically to your needs.
Certain change and development topics are very organization-specific. It is often advisable to combine consulting with qualification tailored to your organization’s needs. This is how we ensure personal and system qualification. In our inhouse curricula, we train your employees with a system-qualifying approach, which makes a difference.
The participants benefit not only from the appropriate training content, but also from our long-established learning culture, which can be transferred to your organization and helps to further develop topics and the self-management of the organization.
We would be pleased to provide you with an individual inhouse curriculum tailored to your organization. Inhouse curricula can be offered in German and English.

The following inhouse curricula have already taken place at other companies:

Please contact us for further information.