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What we know and how we learn we want to provide to the public. The isb campus library gathers all the knowledge and the didactics of the isb under one single roof. Our participants and alumni (networkers) additionally have the possibility to browse through our didactic material and adapt it for their own use. >>Registration/Login

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isb-handbook Creating Shared Realities

This book offers an overview over almost 40 years of development at the "isb" and introduces into the "isb" way of understanding and dealing with professionalism, organizational processes and development as well as questions of consulting and entrepreneurship.

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Learning Conversations

The Learning Conversations are a series of discussions and workshops that brought together professionals from different fields who are interested in Transactional Analysis.

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INOC Dialogue Tour 2016

During the preparation for the 2nd INOC Conference, Dr. Bernd Schmid took a one week trip to Vancouver and the Bay Area, to meet OD pioneers and practitioners to enter into a dialogue and record the discussions.

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Lecture Tour India 2015

In 2015, Bernd Schmid travelled through India to deliver speeches and hold workshops that focussed on leadership culture and organization development, for example at the World Congress on Excellence.

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Topic collection: Leadership

Because responsibility is so important in organizational life, it deserves more attention as an aspect of professional competence and as an essential part of organizational culture.

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Topic collection: Transactional Analysis

For his organizational work, Bernd Schmid developed concepts and approaches from a systemic perspective, integrating transactional analysis ideas as well as elements of the professional culture of transactional analysis (TA).

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Professionalizingnetworkingdeveloping, those are the three main columns of the isb GmbH. With 30 years of experience and expertise, we qualify in systemic consulting, organizational development and coaching. More about us, our services and why we are much more than training, you will find on our websites