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B. Schmid

Chapt. 10 Sharing intuition and imagery - isb-handbook


"A picture is worth a thousand words."

I presume everybody experienced this. I remember that once in an essay I was explaining why coaches should be competent in many ways, but the only point that was quoted by my colleagues was my dictum "coaches are decathletes". A complex discourse is condensed in one word, one sentence, an image, a short story, or one scene, which helps sharing the essential ideas. An image of a subject may convey its meaning or essence more effectively than a description ever could have. Narrative approaches do not really explain but elicit understanding in a holistic way. They provide a framework of understanding that can be filled and enriched with examples from the world of the recipient. They create internal realities connected with feelings and body sensations, which help to coordinate processes and to create memory beyond explainable categories. This is why narratives are so vital for both individuals and organizations.

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