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B. Schmid

isb-handbook Creating Shared Realities


This book is for quite advanced professionals who are experienced in the field of organizations, having had some education in dealing with roles, structures, projects, markets, as well as taking responsibility and delivering services. It offers an overview over almost 40 years of development at the "isb" and introduces into the "isb" way of understanding and dealing with professionalism, organizational processes and development as well as questions of consulting and entrepreneurship.

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B. Schmid English

Chapt. 1 Sharing reality - isb-handbook

Buch, 2019, 6 Seiten
Signatur: 2019SB0151E

Why sharing reality? An organization is a mix of multiple realities functioning together to achieve results. These realities can either be cohesive ...

B. Schmid English

Chapt. 2 Sharing systems of Roles - isb-handbook

Buch, 2019, 6 Seiten
Signatur: 2019SB0152E

Everyone has experienced that humans can be different in different moments. As a professional colleague someone may argue confidently and clearly, as ...

B. Schmid English

Chapt. 3 Sharing responsibility -isb-handbook

Buch, 2019, 5 Seiten
Signatur: 2019SB0153E

Organizations can be characterized as being responsible for performance and development. This can only be achieved, if a number of players act ...

B. Schmid English

Chapt. 4 Sharing leadership - isb-handbook

Buch, 2019, 6 Seiten
Signatur: 2019SB0154E

Leadership plays a vital role in running and developing an organization. Leadership can promote effectiveness and orientation, making leadership one ...

B. Schmid English

Chapt. 5 Team and Organization - isb-handbook

Buch, 2019, 6 Seiten
Signatur: 2019SB0155E

An organization is a "projection" our of multiple perspectives. An chief executive of the organization may look at it from the angle of market share, ...

B. Schmid English

Chapt. 6 Sharing professional competence - isb-handbook

Buch, 2019, 10 Seiten
Signatur: 2019SB0156E

Acting competently in an organization means to successfully contribute to accomplishing goals, to care for the system and to further develop the path ...

B. Schmid English

Chapt. 7 Sharing Learning - isb-handbook

Buch, 2019, 8 Seiten
Signatur: 2019SB0157E

"Learning culture" is a container term defined as the part of culture (see Chapt. 12) dealing with learning. Container terms give an immediate ...

B. Schmid English

Chapt. 8 Mindsets of OD and Coaching - isb-handbook

Buch, 2019, 13 Seiten
Signatur: 2019SB0158E

In recent decades, Organizational Development (OD) and Organizational Coaching (OC) have become major approaches towards developing organizations and ...

B. Schmid English

Chapt. 9 Crisis of Coherence -isb-handbook

Buch, 2019, 7 Seiten
Signatur: 2019SB0159E

Coherence is a key term to individual and organizational health. There are many ways to describe a person or an organization as coherent. Coherence ...

B. Schmid English

Chapt. 10 Sharing intuition and imagery - isb-handbook

Buch, 2019, 8 Seiten
Signatur: 2019SB0160E

"A picture is worth a thousand words." I presume everybody experienced this. I remember that once in an essay I was explaining why coaches should be ...

B. Schmid English

Chapt. 11 Sharing reality-styles - isb-handbook

Buch, 2019, 15 Seiten
Signatur: 2019SB0161E

Whether life sharing and creating reality is enriching depends on the matching of styles in more situations than we are normally aware of. Apart from ...

B. Schmid English

Chapt. 12 Sharing culture - isb-handbook

Buch, 2019, 4 Seiten
Signatur: 2019SB0162E

We are not talking about the culture section or the feuilleton, but with the business pages of the newspaper. Why a chapter on culture at the end of ...

B. Schmid

isb-Handbuch Gemeinsam Wirklichkeiten gestalten

Buch, 2019, 104 Seiten
Signatur: 2019SB0150D

Das isb-Handbuch 2019 von Bernd Schmid gibt einen Überblick über fast 40 Jahre Entwicklung am isb und führt in die isb-Weise des Verstehens und ...

isb English

isb-Handbook Charts

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Signatur: 2019DY4000E

Charts of isb-handbook "Creating Shared Realities"

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B. Schmid English

Systemic TA - Approaches for co-creating Reality

Berlin, Weltkonferenz für Transaktionsanalyse, 2017
Signatur: 2017CT1069E

Workshop at the World-Conference of the DGTA, 27.-29.7.2017 in Berlin.

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