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B. Schmid

Chapt. 11 Sharing reality-styles - isb-handbook


Whether life sharing and creating reality is enriching depends on the matching of styles in more situations than we are normally aware of. Apart from WHAT others play on shared stages, we are usually heavily influenced by HOW they play. Donald Trump or Angela Merkel have very different styles, regardless of what they do on the content level or what role they play. A strategic meeting in a military unit is different from a Greenpeace meeting, no matter what the topic is.Professional style resembles a kind of dancing. Similar to the culture and dance practice, it is always about practicing again and again. Learning of a style cannot be achieved by learning a single dance. It is understood
over time by training the intended style in different dance sections until it achieves one embodiment. Then the style can be transferred to dances, even those that have never been practiced. Everyone can immediately feel that there is a match with the intended style, even without being able to name the indicators for that assessment.

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