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B. Schmid

Chapt. 1 Sharing reality - isb-handbook


Why sharing reality? An organization is a mix of multiple realities functioning together to achieve results. These realities can either be cohesive or fragmented. If realities are not in sync, energy in an organization will be drained and there will be a waste of time, money, productivity and human energy. This is why sharing realities as a perspective matters for all areas in organizations. Looking at structures, processes, approaches, models and methods, there is always the one urgent question: is it contributing to a shared reality? Shared reality does not mean that everybody agrees on a certain point of view, nor do we want to reduce enriching variety. It simply means that we mutually understand as much of our realities as we possibly can. It means that we are able to effectively relate to each other and to join each other's realities in a way that makes organizational life and performance possible, effective and satisfying.

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