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In our think tank new concepts and models emerge, which are conclusive and effective for decades. This includes numerous learning innovations, which have been created at isb and which we pass on to our participants.
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We are convinced that learning continues as a process even after training. This is why it is also part of our self-understanding to act as a network organization, which, with many actors, maintains different levels of participation and cooperation.
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The central pillar of the isb is the offer of further education as an academy and professionalization institute. Our offers consist of curricula and seminars, in-house curricula as well as the program of the isb ProfessionalGroup.
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Learning Conversations

The Learning Conversations are a series of discussions and workshops that brought together professionals from different fields who are interested in Transactional Analysis.

3rd Learning Conversations 2013 – The New Culture of Systemic TA

The 3rd Learning Conversations took place in Florence, Italy from October 11 – 13, 2013.
About 25 participants from the UK, Italy, India, Poland, Germany and France came together to discuss the new culture of systemic TA. The format we chose resembled an open space, so participants had a lot of time for discussions and groupwork.

You can watch all video recordings on our YouTube channel.


1st Learning Conversations 2013 - What is my understanding of TA

In 2013, Bernd Schmid participated in the first learning conversation in Florence, Italy.

2nd Learning Conversations 2012 – More on Systemic Transactional Analysis

 In 2012, the Learning Conversations were hosted by Bernd Schmid in Heidelberg, Germany.

Watch all videos on YouTube.

1st Learning Conversations 2011 – Systemic Transactional Analysis

The first Learning Conversations took place in Oxford, UK.
Bernd Schmid presented his models, concepts and considerations and discussed them with two groups of participants.

You can watch all video recordings on the isb YouTube Channel.

Oxford 2011: Systemic TA Overview Introduction