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In our think tank new concepts and models emerge, which are conclusive and effective for decades. This includes numerous learning innovations, which have been created at isb and which we pass on to our participants.
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We are convinced that learning continues as a process even after training. This is why it is also part of our self-understanding to act as a network organization, which, with many actors, maintains different levels of participation and cooperation.
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The central pillar of the isb is the offer of further education as an academy and professionalization institute. Our offers consist of curricula and seminars, in-house curricula as well as the program of the isb ProfessionalGroup.
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Read select isb publications in German and English.

107 Inspiring background images and the use of the "theatre metaphor" in professional coaching, Schmid 1995

By asking relatively simple questions one is able to find out things about the inner background images which act as force-fields and shape professional performance. The "theatre metaphor" can be used for an illustrative description of a person. The person's life-episodes are transformed into a "play", which enables us to put questions of personality into a framework of time and space. This enables us to differentiate different life-contexts in which the stages, stories, roles and interaction of the participants can be pinpointed.

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109 Matching dialogue using inner images, Schmid 2007

The participants of the workshop establish a link between their personal professional development and the development of their team or company. To do this they intuitively activate their respective inner images in respect to the past, the present and the expected future. In dialogue with colleagues they exchange ideas on how their own motivation, needs and desires match the demands and development of their team or company.

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195 The Reality-Constructive Perspective – Systemic Thinking And Professionalism Tomorrow, Schmid 1996

Social systems develop realities which are sustained and made plausible by the fact that the people involved orientate themselves along the respective ideas about reality, be it on purpose or without purpose, be it with or without awareness.

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196 Theory, language and intuition, Schmid 1984

Paper presented at the Congress of the German Society for Transactional Analysis, Norderney,
1980. In this paper, Bernd Schmid discusses the basic ideas of his report on 'Theory and Intuition'. He calls for a simple transactional analysis and for those who use it to possess a richly varied experience, to be intuitive, mentally differentiated and well trained.

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199 On the Way to a Culture of Responsibility in Organizations: Concepts of Symbiosis Revisited; Schmid & Messmer 2005

This article considers the phenomenon of responsibility, particularly in organizations, and
focuses on ways to establish dialogues on responsibility as an essential part of organizational

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193 Breaking through the Dilemma Circle, B. Schmid / K. Jaeger

1984, in: TA - The State of the Art - a European Contribution, Erika Stern (Edt.), Foris-Publication, Dordrecht/Holland -Cinnaminson/USA, S. 107-118

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All Written Publications of Bernd Schmid in English

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"Acceptance Speech" - Part 1: the dilemma circle; B. Schmid

1989; English version of the acceptance speech as paper for the EATA assembly.

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"Acceptance Speech" - Part 2: A question of identity; B. Schmid

1989; English version of the acceptance speech as paper for the EATA assembly

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Background Images and Professional Empowerment; B. Schmid

2015; in: Prof. Rana Nayar (Publisher): Excellence: A multidimensional appraisal. 3rd World Congress on excellence. Publication Bureau, Panjab University Chandigarh 2015, S. 66-72.

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Caring for business by caring for shared realities; B. Schmid

2016; in: Business Mandate – Journal of the Madras Management Association, Vol. XXXXII, No. 6, 2016, p. 26-29.

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Dreams in Organizational Coaching; B. Schmid

2016; in: Prof. Rana Nayar (Publisher): Idea of excellence: Multiple Perspectives. Publication Bureau, Panjab University Chandigarh 2016, S. 56-74. Edited by Jitendra Mohan.
(German publ.: Zeitschrift OSC Organisationsberatung - Supervision - Coaching 12(4), S. 383-396. Neu in: Das gepfeffert Ferkel - Online Journal für systemisches Denken und Handeln. Ausgabe 22/Juni 2007)

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Global Challenges and TA (Transactional Analysis); B. Schmid


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Going from Group Dynamics to Team Culture - Changing Dimensions; B. Schmid


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201 Impact of being a man or being a woman on the therapeutic system, Schmid 1989

In this paper, Bernd Schmid approaches the issue of being a man or a woman in the therapeutic system in terms of male or female personality, differences in being, identity, positions and perspectives of the self.

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Intuition of the Possible and Transactional Creations of Reality.; B. Schmid

in: Transactional Analysis Journal, 3/1991, S. 144-154.

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Guided Journey of a Caterpillar. A Transition from Personal Orientation to Organizational Development.

Anandan Geethan and Bernd Schmid released their book "Guided Journey of a Caterpillar. A Transition from Personal Orientation to Organizational Development" in 2015. Anandan Geethan is a long-time mentee and colleague of Bernd Schmid. Together, they have documented the results of their collaboration and Anandan Geethan's work for India's largest dairy producer Hatsun.

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On the Way to a Culture of Responsibility in Organisations; B. Schmid / A. Messmer

2005; in: Transactional Analysis Journal Vol. 35, no. 4, 324-332.

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The Reality-Constructive Perspective. Systemic Thinking And Professionalism Tomorrow; B. Schmid

1996; in: Transactional Analysis In Organizations; 1st volume of selected articles 1974-1994: edts. Drs. Sari van Poelje, Dr. Thomas Steinert. San Francisco: International Transactional Analysis Association, S.. 53-68.

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The role concept of TA and other approaches to personality, encounter and co-creativity for all professional fields; B. Schmid

2008; Speech receiving the Eric Berne Memorial Award in San Francisco (Aug. 2007)
Transactional Analysis Journal Vol. 38, No. 01, January 2008

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The Toblerone Model of Competence for Transactional Analysis; Bernd Schmid

1988; Newsletter European Association for Transactional Analysis (Ed.) (German 1990 ZTA 7/1)

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Transactional Analysis and Social Roles. The Maastricht Papers; B. Schmid

1994, Selection from the 20th EATA Conference. 10.-14. July 1994. Maastricht, the Netherlands, in: G. Mohr/ Th. Steinert (Eds.): TA for organizations - new developments 1995 - 2006. Publ. im Juli 2006, S. 30-44.

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Tuning into background levels of communication; B. Schmid

2006; Artikel anlässlich der 13. Jahreskonferenz des European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC); 01.-03.11.2006, Köln

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Listen to Bernd Schmid's talks in German and English.

344 The Power of Co-Creative Relationships, Schmid 2007

In this podcast Bernd Schmid talks about co-creative relationships and the power that lies within them.

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The theater metaphor, B. Schmid 2012

part of: role model and other systemic coaching concepts, 2012; Brazil - Porto Alegre

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345 The Role Concept of Transactional Analysis, Schmid 2007

In this podcast, Bernd Schmid presents the concept of "role" from a TA perspective.

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The systemic approach

Bernd Schmid led a three day workshop on Leadership Coaching and Organization Development at the Nibanna Institute for Organisational Development. 

In this podcast, Bernd Schmid introduces the systemic approach.

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The theatre metaphor, B. Schmid

part of Montreal, Systemic Transactional Anaysis, 2010

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Watch isb videos in German and English.

Systemic Transactional Analysis; Bernd Schmid; Learning Conversations Oxford 2011

Introduction to the Learning Conversations 2011 by Bernd Schmid. He gives an overview of all major TA concepts taught at isb Wiesloch.

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INOC: Organizational Coaching and Systemic OD; Bernd Schmid; 2015; Wiesloch

Bernd Schmid talks about his experiences in OD and Organizational Coaching ... especially about future challenges, integrated approaches, learning and attributes of future Business Coaches.

1. INOC Meeting 29.05 - 31.05.2015 Wiesloch
Dauer: 1:06:41

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Bernd Schmid im Gespräch mit Fanita English; 2016

Es war ein sehr persönliches Treffen zwischen Bernd Schmid und der US-amerikanischen Psychoanalytikerin und Autorin Fanita English im Rahmen der INOC Dialogues 2016.

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Integrated Learning Culture; B. Schmid, A. Geethan; 2017; Systemic Research Conference Heidelberg

Englischsprachiger Vortrag von Bernd Schmid und Anandan Geethan auf der Systemic Research Conference am 9.3.2017 in Heidelberg.

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Preisverleihung / Award ceremony; Günther Mohr, Bernd Schmid; 2017; Berlin

Award ceremony Life Achievement Award of the DGTA at the World-Conference, 27.-29.7.2017 in Berlin. Speech by Günther Mohr.

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Workshop Nibbana Institute

Leadership Coaching and Organisational Development; 2015, India

Workshop at Nibanna Institute, Chennai, India, with the objective to help each participant understand how to pursue professional excellence in the organizational field.

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The theatre Metaphor, Bernd Schmid, 2011

part of the Oxford Lectures 2011

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Bernd Schmid on concepts of leadership, personality and communication that fit the systemic approach.

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Bernd Schmid's Lecture Tour through India 2015

In 2015, Bernd Schmid travelled through India to deliver speeches and hold workshops that focussed on leadership culture and organization development.

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Click through isb presentations and watch the video sequences in German and English.

Narrative Transactional Analysis

Lecture by Bernd Schmid, as part of the Oxford Learning Conversations 2011.

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Systemic TA - Approaches for co-creating Reality

Workshop at the World-Conference of the DGTA, 27.-29.7.2017 in Berlin.

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Systemic Transactional Analysis: Communication models

Lecture by Dr. Bernd Schmid as part of the Oxford Learning Conversations in 2011.

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