In unserer Ent­wick­lungs­werkstatt ent­stehen neue Kon­zepte und Modelle, die über Jahr­zehnte hinweg schlüssig und wirksam sind.
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Lernen als Prozess geht auch nach der Aus­bil­dung weiter. Deshalb agieren wir als Netz­werk­orga­nisation.
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Zentrale Säule des isb ist das Angebot von Weiter­bildungen als Akademie und Pro­fessio­na­li­sierungs­institut.
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Out now - the isb-handbook "Creating Shared Realities": Das isb-Handbuch von Bernd Schmid jetzt in der englischen Fassung.

7. Mai 2020 – von Ingeborg Weidner

The new isb handbook „Creating Shared Realities" by Bernd Schmid is now available in German and also in English.

The author writes in his preface: „This book [...] offers an overview over almost 40 years of development at the "isb" and introduces into the "isb" way of understanding and dealing with professionalism, organizational processes and development as well as questions of consulting and entrepreneurship."

In 12 concentrated and easy to understand chapters, approaches and concepts are treated together with diagrams, overviews, illustrations and examples.

In order to deepen the knowledge and to find one's way through the abundance of material and content behind it, much has been prepared and additional material such as writings, videos, audios and didactic material has been compiled in "note lists". With our "Click to Transfer" format, charts can be viewed and adopted with your own logo. By clicking on the charts, you can go directly to the corresponding places in the video presentations.

The isb-handbook is therefore not only a reference book. It also serves as a working tool. Like all materials on the isb campus, it is completely in line with the open source idea. We want the knowledge and tools of the isb to be integrated and multiplied in everyday life and work - and we want to create reality together.

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For access to the isb-handbookmanual you have to be registered at the isb-campus, either as isb alumni or simply as an interested party.
If you do not have access data for the isb campus yet: Here you can find out how to register.